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Fish the Florida Keys largest tarpon migration. Tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys is at a peak from late March through August. We are docked right in the middle of the largest tarpon migrations in Florida. Thousands of hungry tarpon migrate through here every spring through summer offering you one of the best chances in the world to catch a giant tarpon. August through January Tarpon start to migrate north toward the pan handle. They can still be found a short boat ride away in the Florida Bay & Everglades National Park.

backcountry Tarpon
Islamorada Tarpon
double tarpon


The sport of tarpon fishing has become increasingly popular with catch and release anglers and rightly so. Tarpon are magnificent creatures with the ability to jump many feet in the air and strip off line in explosive runs. Anglers travel all over the world to find the best tarpon fishing hot spots. From Africa to Costa Rica and north to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic coast of the United States fishing for tarpon is an ultimate challenge. Whether you fish for the very biggest giant tarpon near 300 pounds or 2 pound baby tarpon, the hook up and fight is pure adrenalin. Tarpon fishing with light tackle has only been perfected in the last 100 years. Now tarpon anglers have a great choice of lines, reels, rods and artificial baits to pursue this spectacular fish. Tarpon blast top water baits, chow on plastic, slurp up fly's and hammer live bait. From the bite to the fight tarpon fishing is number one on the inshore anglers must do list. We hope you share our admiration for this wonderful fish and take care to release your tarpon so others can enjoy it another day.

night time Tarpon
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