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backcountry fishing

Backcountry fishing is done in the shallow waters of the Florida Bay, also known as Everglades National Park. This area is known for hundreds of species of fish so your options of what to catch are almost unlimited. Typical depth is less than 20ft deep and you are surrounded by the beautiful scenery of mangroves and tons of wildlife. Some travel time is to be expected when taking these trips.

offshore fishing


Offshore fishing can be done just a few miles off land in 20 feet of water in the world-famous reefs or up to 20+ miles offshore in 1000+ feet of water. Offshore fishing is known for exciting, often colorful, & hard-fighting fish in the bluest of water.

Target Species

redfish snook fishing

Capt. TJ's specialty is the hunt for redifsh and snook. If anyone knows where to find them, it's him. Redfish and snook are mainly a trophy fish that are caught and released. It is possible to keep them to eat but only certain times of the year and certain sizes. The fight is great and the scenery through the mangroves while in pursuit of catching these fish is spectacular.

snapper trout fishing
Family fun fishing
Family Fun

Family fun fishing is designed for those families looking to go fishing but are not as experienced. Light tackle rods are used to catch snappers, trout, sharks, and the occasional snook and redfish. It is always possible to catch anything since it is the ocean but this fishing is geared more towards having fun with the kids rather than competitive.

Mahi mahi fishing


Looking to get some dinner but not go out into the deep ocean? A snapper and trout combination fishing trip allows you to have the opportunity to catch dinner and also stay in the calm waters of the Florida Bay. Not only will you have dinner but you will have fun while catching it.

bonefish  fishing

Mahi-Mahi, often referred to as "Dolphin," produces a beautiful array of blue, green, and yellow colors. Majority of the time this fish can easily be found in schools, making it an easy and fun dinner catch. Mahi-mahi are known to put up a hard-fight with lots of jumps and aerial stunts.

sailfish fishing

Bonefishing is one of the most elusive and challenging types of fishing. Nicknamed the "ghost" fish, it is truly rewarding to catch one of the creatures. Finding a bonefish to cast at is only half the battle, once spotted casting and hooking up to this fish is a task on its own. The fight and accomplishment of landing a bonefish will be one you won't forget.

Sailfish are one of the most highly prized catch-and-release fish in Florida. Similar to the Mahi-Mahi, they also put a hard, aerial fight. 

shark fishing and tarpon fishing

Tarpon and Shark fishing is for the angler looking for that prize size fish to have mounted and hang on his/her wall. Both fish give a great fight and are exciting to catch. Tarpon are very acrobatic and will not only give you a great fight, but a great show as well. Catching a shark is also thrill and sometimes they give a show too. No matter what is on the other end of the rod, it will be a great fight.

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